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fuck this hit hard

hit me hard



    fuck this hit hard

    hit me hard

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  2. It’s almost Easter !

    I love Easter! All the family things that come along with it. I have so many mixed feelings but I’m really trying to be happy. Mostly I like to think about my uncle and the positive things that would normally be happening if he was here. There are thing you just can not change, hopefully everyone will have a great weekend. Enjoy every moment they have with all of their love ones….even the ones you can not stand.

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     Janelle Monáe sings Rock Steady with Kimbra.

    She’s epic. 

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I would have gotten more if he had stayed asleep


    I would have gotten more if he had stayed asleep

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  6. I had so much fun over the weekend doing these up- style for a wedding. Everything around me was just so beautiful, I felt so blessed to just be there. I wish I could have been able to take so more pictures. Sadly I was running at behind. I did five girl and two make-up applications in 5 and a half hours. I am so proud of my self! :)    

  7. My mom is a racist. When she watches the news she’s able to tell by the way the victim was hurt if the suspect was black or white.






    Fox News: A man was stabbed nearly to death in a park 6:30 Sunday morning.  

    My Mom: I bet a white man did it. Black people don’t even get up that early. We don’t even kill on Sundays. That’s the lord’s day. 




    LMAOOOO. She’s not a racist. She’s a REAList.

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    i scrolled down for an explanation there was none

    He looks like a turkey before being cooked.

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  9. See, Marshall and Lily had a rule that at any point during a fight, they could pause and take a break. Their fights often lasted for days.

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  10. fangirl challenge heartbreaking scenes/moments [3/7]
    • orange is the new black, “fool me once”

    Poussey: Yo, I been in here two years. And I got four more. Eight months ago, when I was waxing fucking floors in the cafeteria, my moms passed. And I wasn’t there to say the things you supposed to say to your mom before she gone. So I know you ain’t telling me to my face right now that you walked back in this place because freedom was inconvenient for you.
    Taystee: It ain’t like that, P. Minimum wage is some kinda joke. I got part time working at Pizza Hut and I still owe the prison $900 in fees I gotta pay back. I ain’t got no place to stay. I was sleeping on the floor of my second cousin’s apartment like a dog. And she still got six people in two rooms. One of the bitches stole my check. I got lice. Everyone I know is poor, in jail, or gone. Don’t nobody ask about how my day went. And I got fucked up in the head, you know? I know how to play it here. Where to be, and what rules to follow. I got a bed. And I got you.

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